Miguel de Liechtenstein

Miguel de Liechtenstein
Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences, Lawyer

Miguel has sought to contribute his professional acumen in the legal arena to efforts to support changes in public policies and the law itself to prevent hatred, violence and arbitrary discrimination across the board.

Similarly, in his philanthropic endeavours, Miguel has sought to foster the creation of more inclusive, respectful and tolerant societies by supporting a number of local NGOs. He has also worked with international organizations and public and private institutions in fostering broader integration and support for the principles of respect, inclusion and non-discrimination and has worked with a broad array of social and cultural charitable organizations.

Miguel has served as a patron to musicians and artists, and has provided comprehensive support to number of sportsmen and women.

He is active in a variety of social and cultural organizations around the globe and is recognized for his contributions and philanthropic efforts.

His undergraduate thesis entitled: “Legal Analysis of Key Migration Policies and their Current Vulnerabilities” targeted issues and obsolescence in existing legislation and migration policies in several countries and revealed the inadequacies of that legal framework in addressing the vulnerabilities and needs of the world’s migrant population.

His professional practicum was in the field of Human Rights.

As founder and Chairman of the Sin Odio Foundation (“No Hatred”), Miguel has worked tirelessly on a number of legislative efforts in Chile, including those aimed at criminalising incitement to ethnic and racial hatred, a necessary complement to the Anti-Discrimination Act; the repeal of legal impediments to persons with visual or auditory disabilities serving as judges or notaries; the bill that creates the position of Immigrant Defender; and the Anti-Discrimination Law. He has been invited to present and submit legal briefs on these projects, among others, to the Senate and Chamber of Deputies Committees.

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